Is This Andy Murray’s Year To Win Wimbledon 2013?

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Today is men’s semi final day and one of those matches features Andy Murray against Jerzy Janowicz, who at 6 feet 8 inches tall no doubt makes a duanting opponent. He has a fast serve too, which apparently Murray is well able to cope with.

As a Brit, we are used to our own players keeping us on tender hooks right up to the last moment when the pendulum of vicory can fall in our favour or not.  As a nation we are used to defeat and can take it gracefully.

Even so, it’s nice to be on the winning side and we hope Murray does it today. On the local radio this morning I heard members of the public giving their predictions and as one would expect some say Murray will win, others that he won’t.

While listening to these predictions I find myself listening intently,  trying to discern the voice that actually speaks from reason and logic rather than the plain biased view.

That said, I think I have read between the lines and know whose likely to win. Do you?

Check on Murray’s progress here.


Murray won in 4 sets. Next stop the final tomorrow, Sunday.

Will he win? It’s a great opportunity.

Sundays’ final, as it happens. 

Murray took the first set in the searing heat and he looks washed out at the end of it. Let’s hope he’s got plenty of energy left for what looks like it’s going to be a long match.

The first set, at least the bits I saw, looked like all the rallies were played from the baseline and were therefore quite long. Many strokes typically for each point.

It’s easy to write about the match with hindsight but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I knew Murray would win after taking the second set. I didn’t watch any more of the match and it was only when someone asked me the result that I tuned and to see Murray lifting the coveted Wimbledon single trophy.

It’s a hugh achievement for him.


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